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Cookie Policy


Policy about use of cookies

This information about Cookie relates to this website managed by the company GAMM S.r.l. Stp, who created the web page to explain its own use of cookies. The present policy describes fully, what cookies are, what their profiles in the website are used for, and how they can be decommissioned by the browser, as required by the authority responsible for Privacy Data Protection, in Law dated 8th May 2014, issued on “Gazzetta Ufficiale” n°126 of 3rd June 2014.

what the cookies are

The cookies are small text file (letters and/or numbers) that allow to a server web to storage on its own client (the browser) information to be used again during the same visit to a website (session cookies) or later even after several days, (persistent cookies). The cookies are stored, according to the user’s preferences, by the single browser on a specific used device (computer, tablet, smartphone).

During the browsing the user could also receive on his terminal cookies from different sites (s.t. cookies of "third parties"), directly set by the operators of these websites used for purposes and according to their own ways.

Types of cookies used by this website

Owner’s cookies

the website uses only technical cookies, towards whom, under the art. 122 of the Privacy Code and of Measure of Supervisor dated 8th May 2014, no consent by the person concerned has been required.

Precisely the site uses:

CookiesDirective (deadline: 31 days): technical cookies who make user’s browsing easier, identifying it and avoiding that the short cookie policy inside the banner appears again in case of links to website done within terms of deadline. It is activated by clicking "ok" on the banner. By removing such a cookie the acknowledgment of the banner will not be saved for accesses done during 31 days after the first link.

Cookies of third parties

Through the website some cookies of third parties, also profiling, have been created, they become active on clicking "ok" on the banner. Single cookies of third parties are reported on detail, as well as links through those the user can receive more information and asks for the decommissioning of the cookies.

• Google Analytics: the website uses Google Analytics, a service analyzing the web-traffic supplied by Google, Inc. ("Google") who uses the "cookies" to gather and analyze anonymously information about behavior on the use of website (including IP address of the user). Such information is collected by Google Analytics, who processes them to draft reports concerning activities on websites. This website does not use (and does not allow to third parties) the analysis tool of Google to monitor and collect personal identifiable information. Google does not combine IP address to any other data owned by Google neither tries to connect an IP address with a user’s identity. Google can also supply these information to third parties where it is compulsory by Law or if they deal with the above information on behalf of Google. For more explanations, please see the following site: LThe user can disable selectively the action of Google Analytics installing on his own browser the element opt-out provided by Google. To disable the action of Google Analytics, we invite you to visit the link here follows:

• Google Maps: the website uses Google Maps, a viewing service of maps managed by Google Inc. that permits to this application to integrate such contents inside its own pages. Personal data gathered: Cookies and Data of use. For more information, please see the following site:

Conferral of data

Except for technical cookies strictly necessary for the usual browsing, conferral of data is remitted to the will of the person who decides to browse after viewing the short information (policy) inside the dedicated banner and to use services that involve the rollout of cookies.

the person involved therefore can avoid installing of cookies keeping the banner (refraining from closure clicking the button "ok"), as well as through the dedicated functions on his browser.

Disablement of the cookies

As said above concerning technical cookies strictly required to the usual browsing, the user can delete the other cookies through the Owner’s functions made available for this purpose by using the present policy or directly through his own browser. Each browser shows different procedures for the managing of approaches. The user can get specific instructions through the links under here

- Microsoft Windows Explorer:
- Google Chrome:
- Mozilla Firefox:
- Apple Safari:

The disablement of cookies of third parties is also possible through ways made available directly by the company third owner for this processing, as indicated in the links set out in the paragraph "cookies of third parties". To receive more information about cookies stored on one’s own pc and to disable them individually please see the following link:

Last update on 25th May 2018.